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Bagolini Striated Lenses

Consists of 2 circular lenses, indexed and mounted in 38mm trial lens metal rings with tabs for use by the examiner

Black Leaf Style Clip-On Occluders

Black leaf style clip-on occluders available in 3 sizes

Jackson Cross Cylinder
Jackson Cross Cylinder used to determine orientation of astigmatism correctio

Black Round Style Clip-on Occluders

Black round style clip-on occluders available in 4 sizes

Flesh Round Style Clip-on Occluders

Flesh colored round style clip-on occluders available in 3 sizes

Raff Level Trial Flipper
Trial lens flipper with built-in level to eliminate off-axis lens rotation

Trial Lens Holder with Handle
Handheld 4 or 10-Well trial lens holder

3 Jackson Cross Cylinders with Metal Case
Set of 3 Jackson Cross Cylinders in a durable metal protective case

4 Well Trial Lens Holder With Scale

Hand held 4 well trial lens trial ring holder with axis scale


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