Lichtenstein Fixation Box

Lichtenstein Fixation Box

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The Lichtenstein Fixation Box is used to measure fusion at 20 ft (6 m), as well as to maintain Fixation for your younger patients. The box contains a Worth 4-Dot examination, a white Fixation light for adults and older children, as well as a Fixation light that changes colors for strabismus measurements or refraction.

Worth 4-Dot LED lights are 1.9 cm in diameter and 10.48 cm from each other from center.

LEDs provide increased bulb life. Universal power supply. 7.25" H x 6" W x 1.5" D (18.4 cm H x 15.3 cm W x 3.8 cm D). CE Listed.

Anaglyph Red/Green Glasses are sold separately.

Click here for the 995000 Guide.

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