Fonda Leddles Low Vision LED Frames - Near Standard

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Leddles is an optical light engineering wearable system generating a constantly and uniformly illuminated view space. These glasses combine cutting-edge LED technology to a sophisticated electronic light controller to high magnification lenses and optical systems. The Fonda Leddles Low Vision LED Frames are extremely useful to visually impaired people as well as to any professional needing to perform high precision activities. Includes:

  • Leddles
  • Case
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Battery charger
  • USB cable to connect the Leddles to the battery charger
  • Supports to adjust the width of the shafts
  • Operating manual

The set includes these Leddles:

  • +6.00 (1.5x)
  • +8.00 (2.0x)
  • +10.00 (2.5x)
  • 4.00x

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