Z-Axis Accommodative Rock Chart

Z-Axis Accommodative Rock Chart

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Z-axis Accommodative Rock is a simple tool to help patients develop accommodative facility and control. It can be prescribed as a simple home-based exercise to help patients experience responsibility and control over their focusing mechanism.

By arranging the distant chart and the transparent near-card directly in front of one another, the patient becomes aware of the ability to shift the accommodative plane of focus from distance to near, and to any point in between. As they bring one plane into focus, they are able to observe the other plane blurring out of focus simultaneously. This arrangement isolates the z-axis from the x- and y-axes, high- lighting the focusing mechanism as a distinct experience from eye-tracking.

This can be provided as a home exercise through primary care optometrists, or as a component of a Vision Therapy, program. It provides a learning experience for patients with accommodative dysfunctions as well as emerging presbyopia.

710502 is a kit that includes 20 Distance Charts, printed on paper. Patient-oriented instructions are included, developed on consultation with Dr. Samantha Slotnick. A downloadable version of the wall-chart and instruction set is also made available with purchase. Supplementary sets of near-point cards may be purchased independently.

Instruction set and charts developed with Samantha Slotnick, OD, FAAO, FCOVD.

Click here for the 710501, 710502, & 710503 Guide.

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