Facility Rock Test Set

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Facility Rock Test Set provides a broad set of tools to accurately diagnose and provide therapy for accommodative and vergence abnormalities. Cards provide coverage for a broad range of age groups. Includes a red/green reading sheet to provide anti-suppression exercises. Saccadic training also supported by calling out numbers while still training the facility.

Each exercise sheet includes 30 examples each of two acuity levels. Sheets cover pre-school symbols, simple E and C Charts’s which test for recognition of direction, basic numbers for early school age, and then three levels of words to cover development throughout the school years. Finally, therapy can be accomplished monocularly, binocularly, and under conditions of anti-suppression.

  • Supports Accommodative and Vergence exercises
  • Plus a wide variety of different exercises
  • Covers range of ages from pre-school to adult
  • Uses very durable materials for long life - No paper cards

Set includes 6 Facility Test cards, Vergence Prism, Patch, Flipper, Red Green Reading Sheet, and Glasses.

  • Vergence Prism included is 12D BO and 3D BI on a stick - #477700
  • Confirmation Flipper included is ±2.0 - #127200

Chart Only includes 6 Facility Test cards only.

Click here for the 710400 Guide.

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