Patch Cat Stickers Roll of 200

Patch Cat Stickers Roll of 200

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Award and praise good patch wearers with these Patch Cat stickers! They may be encouraged by the message or the Patch Cat animals may be the inspiration they need to put up with patching or wearing glasses. Plus, you can point out that each of the Patch Cat figures is wearing a patch or glasses.

These glossy labels are a full 1.5 inch by 2 inches and all four figures are sequenced on one roll. Pull out a 6 inch length and give the child a choice: Patch Cat, Diva Mouse, Mr Frog or Strabismouse Mouse. Comes on a 3 inch core roll that fits standard 3 inch tape dispensers.

Patch Cat stickers come in rolls of 200 labels repeating the four designs in sequence. Gives you 50 of each! That’s about 15 cents each.

The Patch Cat Family of products continues to grow…

Patch Cat family products now include Silk Scarves, Ties, Fixation Sticks, Blinkies, Surgical Caps and now Stickers. It all started with a book on Patching, Amblyopia and Strabismus. The book introduces our patch wearing characters: Patch Cat, Strabismouse, Mr Frog and the beautiful Amblyopia! In a very humorous manner, the book provides an accurate but understandable explanation of these conditions as well as providing encouragement for acceptance of the patching routine.

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