Patch Cat Fixation Sticks

Patch Cat Fixation Sticks

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Set of 2 Patch Cat Fixation Sticks - printed on both sides on durable plastic and provide a host of features to keep the attention and enable testing of younger children. Patch Cat figures are from The Adventures of Patch Cat and Strabismouse Booklet by J Snow, CO. and Illustrated by Sheena Hisiro - all in full color. Overall, each of the characters is wearing Patches including occluding glasses, stick-on adhesive patch, Slip-cover patch and traditional pirate type patch.


Stick A shows smaller fully detailed images of Patch Cat and Strabismouse, wearing Patches of some sort. This Stick also provides six lines each of Sloan Letter and E and C Charts,’s from 20/100 to 20/32 at 16 inches (40 cm). Plus Stick B has 6 simple words in English and 6 additional words in Spanish. 


Stick B shows more small colorful figures including Patch Cat eating watermelon with occluding glasses, Strabismouse with Mr. Ant, Eye Doctor Otter and Wise Old Owl. Stick B also provides a block of 20/50 letters as well as 3 very small accommodation or Fixation figures (bell, dog and the number 5).


Patch Cat Sticks are 1 3/8 by 5 3/4 inches ( 35 x 146 mm). Sticks are a little stiffer (and thicker) than most Fixation sticks for sturdy operation.