Near Point Flashing Fixation Set

Near Point Flashing Fixation Set

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Mr. Frog and Patch Cat Pediatric Fixation Light with magnets provide an easy-to-use flashing Fixation target for children in any practice office.

Mr. Frog and Patch Cat from The Adventures of Patch Cat and Strabismouse by J Snow, CO and Illustrated by Sheena Hisiro. He brings great fun either off or with his blinking LED’s turned on. You can put his washer anywhere with the double-sided tape provided then his magnet holds him up wherever you put him: on the wall, on an instrument like your retinoscope, or your occluder. Just turn the back and his LED lights start flashing in a circular motion.

Set includes one Flashing Mr. Frog and Patch Cat Fixation Targets with 9 mm magnetic disks for mounting on a mini occluder with both a ruler and a pupilometer. Twist to turn on/off.

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