Tangent Screen - One Meter Complete Kit With Screen, Test Objects and Accessories

Tangent Screen - One Meter Complete Kit With Screen, Test Objects and Accessories

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Tangent Screen provide a very accurate method of charting the central and para-central field of vision. They are an invaluable aid in diagnosing pathological conditions. Testing is done at one meter. Manufactured using the finest black felt available to insure non-reflectivity. All markings are stitched in semi-visible black thread showing concentric circles, radial lines and blind spots. These markings insure ease of testing, scoring and transcribing the mapped fields for visual field analysis. A white Fixation button is attached. These roll-up screens include mounting hardware and laminated score card. Available in 15° configuration which shows 24 Radians for maximum accuracy or 22.5° version which shows 16 radians. Screens measure approximately 1 meter square when rolled down for viewing.

Complete Sets include Roll-up Screen with choice of screen with 15° or 22.5° radians, 18 inch Black wand, black scoring pins, full set of test objects and laminated score sheet.

The Test Objects are flat disks made of the same high quality Black felt as the screens. The visible target is made of vinyl in various colors and sizes as listed. A pin shank is included for placement on the black wands. Wands are available in half or one meter lengths.

See "Product Instructions and Support Material" tab to download Technical Bulletin, FAQ information, Product Instructions (including mounting instructions) and Score Sheet in various formats.