Pediatric Thorington Card

Pediatric Thorington Card

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Pediatric Thorington Card quickly measures heterophoria using symbols. The Near Cards is used with a Maddox Rod. Scoring reveals if the patient has normal alignment when fusion is broken or if the patient has abnormal alignment.

The card helps diagnose Uncrossed or Crossed Diplopia and RhypoP, LhyperP, RhyperP and LhypoP. Includes a 1 mm hole in center for the Fixation light. With the near adult card, each optotype represents 1 prism diopter, and measures +/- 12 diopters. The card measures 5.75 x 4.75 inches (147 x 121 mm) and is available in 2 versions: Penlights/Transilluminator attachment or Push Button LED Light.

Click here for the Thorington Card Guide.

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