Low Vision Electronic Magnifier Headset

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The NuEyes e2 enables customers with Low Vision to see the world clearly with a 3K display (1440 x 1600 screen resolution at 90hz refresh rate), a 101-degree field of view, HD camera with autofocus and QUALCOMM 835 snapdragon processor. NuEyes Enables Customers with visual disabilities to see TV with smartglasses. Each copy of the NuEyes e2 comes preinstalled with the Xfinity Streaming app.

Because of its 3K LCD screens you will immediately notice how clear the world becomes. The NuEyes e2 is so simple to use that you control the device with just three buttons. Button one lets you select from a variable magnification depending if you want to read, watch TV, or look at a loved one’s face. Depending on your eye condition you use the second button to choose from three different Contrast settings. The third and final button is for OCR/text to speech. If your eyes get tired from reading or you experience eye strain, let the OCR or Optical Character Recognition read the text to you! Wi-fi connection enabled to stream movies, videos, and web browsing.


  • Wearable magnifier
  • 101 degree Field of View
  • Auto Focus
  • Easy to Use 3 Button Control
  • Variable Magnification up to 18x
  • Contrast – Normal View, Black on White, White on Black
  • Wireless
  • 4hr Battery Life
  • Lightweight Design
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • OCR/Text to Speech
  • Stream Television and Movies

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