Visual Field Fatigue Diffuser

Visual Field Fatigue Diffuser

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Clear Visual Field Fatigue Diffuser with white elastic straps to fit all sizes. Made of durable plastic lets diffused light in white keeping air away from the eye.

Patient complaints about computerized visual fields will be markedly reduced by this diffuser. The accuracy and speed of testing will be increased by this simple new concept for occluding the opposite eye. This device was designed by John Karickhoff, MD and it blocks vision by diffusion rather than occlusion. The diffusion level was selected to block viewing of the largest targets and Fixation spot of all the standard parameters but allows 97% of the light of the bowl to enter the covered eye. This eliminates the continuous ocular rivalry caused by standard opaque Occluders.

Sold in a package of 3, Size: 3" x 2" (75 x 50mm)

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