The Eye Poster

The Eye Poster

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THE EYE POSTER is a poster-size chart that are highly instructive and useful for both patients and office staff - helping to demonstrate normal and abnormal conditions and anatomy of the eye.

THE EYE POSTER chart shows a detailed, clear cross section of the eye. It also provides lateral and top views of the eye and shows the visual field. It illustrates the detailed structure of the retina, ocular musculature and vascularization, eyelid components and glands, in depth anatomy of the lens and optic nerve, and helps illustrate the optic nerve/brain connection. The chart also helps explain and illustrate the anterior chamber angle, fundus, and the macula lute.

THE EYE POSTER is a useful tool to help eye care professional save time, increase patient understanding, and provide better patient care. The charts are useful for eye care in ophthalmology and optometry practices and also help educate office staff. They are also beneficial in nursing, medical, and health classrooms in all types of schools.

Chart measures 20" x 26" (50.8 cm x 66 cm) making the large size easily visible and understood even to patients with eye disorders. Laminated for long, useful life, and provide UV resistance to fading over time.

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