Cyclo-deviation Test Book

Cyclo-deviation Test Book

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Cyclo-deviation or Torsional Displacement can result from imbalances of the eye muscles. The detection and calibration of this condition is important in ocular motility exams. Failure to detect this condition can seriously affect binocular vision and can cause a variety of symptoms, from double vision to loss of depth perception, discomfort and pain (called Asthenopia). The Awaya test for Cyclo-deviation provides an easily administered and repeatable method to test for near vision affects of this condition.

The Awaya test for Cyclo-deviation was developed by Dr Awaya of Japan, is very easy to administer and interpret. The test uses a very clever direct comparative approach with the patient viewing pairs of adjacent calibrated half-moon targets - one red and one green. Red/Green Anaglyph technology separates the right and left eye images for comparison. Targets are presented in one degree increments from 0 to 15°. A second set of targets is then presented for verification. Tilting the head does not invalidate the test, although it may alter the degree of cyclo-deviation.

Cyclo-deviation test includes the test and Red/Green Glasses.

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