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For 89 years, the Good-Lite Company has been manufacturing the finest line of vision light boxes, charts and accessories. Our commitment to quality is only surpassed by our commitment to customer service.

Celebrating 89 Years of Good-Lite

A pamphlet in Good-Lite's history files reads:

"The Good-Lite Company has been the leader in providing illuminated eye cabinets for schools, industry and the medical profession for over 50 years."

Today, over 30 years later, we are delighted to say that Good-Lite has entered its 89th year as the leader in providing illuminated eye cabinets, as well as evidence-based eye charts, such as the LEA Symbols, and other vision screening and testing product.

In the late 1920s, Robert Good, MD, Professor of Ear, Nose, and Throat at the Chicago College of Medicine and Surgery, recognized a need for an effective medical headlight and prompted his son, Palmer Good, MD, an ophthalmologist, to meet this need. Father and son combined efforts and created the Good-Lite Company in 1930 with the development of the first Good-Lite headlight. Later, Dr. Palmer Good added vision-testing equipment to the Good-Lite product line and led the Good-Lite Company to its honored pinnacle of recognition among today's vision screening and testing venues.

Good-Lite achieved numerous successes during the last 80 years and we want to share a few of those achievements with you, our valued customers. Dr. Palmer Good worked closely with Louise Sloan, PhD, of the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins to develop the Sloan Letters for both distance and near testing. Good-Lite has the distinction of producing the first commercial chart using the Sloan Letters and Dr. Palmer Good secured a copyright for the Sloan letters in 1961. Today, Sloan letters continue to be the optotype of choice among many medical professionals. The Sloan Letters served as the precursor to the ETDRS charts now used in clinical trials worldwide.

In the 1970s, Dr. Palmer Good worked with Otto Lippmann, MD, to develop HOTV optotypes using Sloan letters. Lippmann's HOTV optotypes are a modified version of a Stycar matching letters test originally described by Mary Sheridan, MD, in the 1960s, based on Snellen letters, and published in Great Britain. Lippmann's work demonstrated that HOTV letters could be used for screening and testing vision of children as young as 2 1/2. The American Academy of Pediatrics includes HOTV optotypes on its list of recommended tests for screening the vision of preschoolers.

In 2002, Good-Lite proudly received the exclusive, worldwide manufacturing rights to the complete LEA Test System developed by Lea Hyvärinen, MD, of Finland. Dr. Hyvärinen started the first vision rehabilitation service in Finland in 1976, designed the LEA Symbols in 1976, and first described her 4 symbols—apple, house, square, and circle—in a peer-reviewed journal in 1980. This System includes the LEA Symbols, the only complete vision testing system to use the same optotype across all testing situations, and the LEA Numbers. Dr. Hyvärinen's core tests are for screening and testing situations involving all children. The core tests are also for conducting functional vision assessments in children and adults with developmental delays and disabilities. Dr. Hyvärinen's core tests assess near and distance visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, visual field deficits, cognitive vision, adaptation, and color deficiency. The core tests are available for all ages. The American Academy of Pediatrics includes LEA Symbols on its list of recommended tests for screening the vision of preschoolers.

The vision literature cites vision disorders as the fourth most common disability in the United States. To help vision screeners detect vision disorders and to assist eye care professionals in treating these disorders to maximize visual potential, the Good-Lite Company focuses on manufacturing illuminated cabinets, evidence-based eye charts, and other necessary vision screening and testing accessories. In fact, most investigators of clinical trials involving vision look to Good-Lite for standardized equipment.

As we celebrate our 80th year of meeting the diverse needs of all vision screeners and eye care professionals who screen and test vision, we are pleased to say that in this world of conglomerates and mergers, Good-Lite remains family owned and operated and is currently in the capable hands of the third and fourth generations of the Good family.

Because we are celebrating 80 years of success, we end this section with text used in earlier Good-Lite catalogs . . . text that remains true today:

"But it is you, our valued customers, who have contributed most significantly to our success . . . by acknowledging our efforts with your support and confidence. We appreciate your business, and assure you that we're continually striving to provide you with the very best in dependable, cost-efficient products and professional services."


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