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Good-Lite's Vision Experts


Lea Hyvärinen, MD

Lea Hyvarinen, MDLea Hyvärinen, MD, PhD, Professor h.c., Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Dortmund, Germany; Senior Lecturer, Developmental Neuropsychology, University of Helsinki, Finland, started to develop her LEA Vision Test System in 1976 in Helsinki and has worked on it with Chris Greening in 17 years. The Test System now contains tests for numerous clinical test situations and vision screening of children and adults with different communication needs.

The original tests on the printed near vision card were: a standard test, a test with wide spacing and a tightly crowded test. There were two tests for distance, a hand-made grating acuity test and for low contrast, photographic tests at the same contrast levels as today. In early 1990s came the LEA Puzzle, first black & white, later colorful; Panel 16 color vision test; LEA GRATINGS; Cone Adaptation Test; Rectangle Game; Mailbox Game; Heidi Expressions Game and the LEA Numbers. The additions of the recent years are LEA Grating Acuity Test, LEA Flicker Wand, the 40M and 60M cards for presentation as a line test or singly and the LEA Low Contrast Grating Acuity Test.

Dr. Hyvärinen's contributions to vision include training courses and lectures on functional vision testing for children with disabilities. The next pages depict the Core Tests and their numerous variants that are still available for numerous screening projects and programs.


P. Kay Nottingham Chaplin, Ed.D.

P. Kay Nottingham ChaplinAs Director of Vision and Eye Health Initiatives for Good-Lite, P. Kay Nottingham Chaplin, Ed.D., serves as Distance Mentor for helping create or revise preschool vision screening programs and practices. Dr. Chaplin is available to answer your questions about age appropriate and evidence-based preschool vision screening tests and procedures.

Dr. Chaplin is also available to provide on-site training and distance learning activities. She presents at state and national forums on the topic of preschool vision screening and is available to lecture at your next meeting or conference.

Dr. Chaplin comes to Good-Lite with more than 8 years of experience as Director and Lead Trainer for the Vision Initiative for Children (VIC) at West Virginia University (WVU) Eye Institute and 9 years of experience as Director of a West Virginia early intervention program for infants and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities and their families.

At WVU, Dr. Chaplin helped create the VIC program and taught nearly 1,600 distinct individuals to screen the vision of preschoolers in 180 workshops. Participants included pediatricians and family physicians and their staffs, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, medical assistants, school nurses, child care providers, and Head Start personnel.


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