Dual Illuminated Vectograph Viewer

Dual Illuminated Vectograph Viewer

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The new & improved illuminated dual vectograph viewer holds two sets of vectographs! This universal model allows you to use both Stereo Optical and Vision Assessment Corporation Vectographs. Use this unit with other therapies such as tranaglyphs, our MFBF Matching Game (#705200), and our Vertical Fusion Target Set (#713300).

No one in the industry does LED cabinets like Good-Lite. As pioneers in the use of LEDs in our illuminated cabinets, you can count on the quality and durability of this Good-Lite unit. You no longer have to waste your time and money buying replacement bulbs.

Dimensions: Width 14.5" x Height 14.5" x Depth 4" (36.83 cm x 36.83 cm x 10.16 cm).

Slot Height: 5.5"

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