Awaya Aniseikonia Test

Awaya Aniseikonia Test

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Awaya Test for Aniseikonia provides a manual method to detect and calibrate the Aniseikonic condition. This test, developed by Dr Awaya of Japan, is very easy to administer and interpret. The test uses a very clever direct comparative approach with the patient viewing pairs of adjacent calibrated half-moon targets - one red and one green.

Included Red/Green Glasses separates the right and left eye images for comparison.  Targets are presented in one percent increments from 0 to 24%. A second set of targets is then presented for verification of the results. The Aniseikonic condition can be present on any radian, and so the test should at least be administered on the vertical and horizontal axis. Tilting the head does not invalidate the test results.

Awaya Test includes the aniseikonic test and Red/Green Glasses.

Click here for the Awaya Aniseikonia Test Diagnosis.

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