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Color Facility Rock Game


Color Facility Rock Game

Color Facility Rock Game is used in therapy for accommodative facility development. Both the range over which the patient can accommodate and the speed of the accommodative response are considered important in the technique. However, since the game involves both reading and color comprehension, it challenges cognitive skills as well. As a result, the Color Rock Game can also be used in the treatment of traumatic brain injury patients. It is to be noted that part of the cognitive challenge comes from the fact that the words naming a color are NOT in that color.

The game consists of a 11 x 15" (27.9 x 38 cm) distance chart with 120 words in any one of six colors and a near card 3.5 x 4.25" (8.8 x 10.7 cm) with the same word and color sequence. The large chart is used at 10' (3 m) and the near card is initially used at 16" (40 cm). The patient calls out the word (which names a color) then shifts focus to the same location on the near card and repeats the word in that same position. This sequence is repeated to the end of the chart and card. There are multiple ways to continue using the game with increasing difficulty and challenge for the patient. 

Printed on durable styrene plastic for long life.

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