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Eyetronix Flicker Glasses


Eyetronix Flicker Glass™

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Eyetronix Flicker Glass™ is designed to overcome many shortcomings of traditional “occlusion” treatments such as patching and atropine therapy. Standard occlusion, though rudimentary, can be effective in improving visual acuity – but only with high compliance starting from a young age. The discomfort, disruption, and social and psychological stigma associated with patching can make compliance difficult and cause undue burden and stress for the parent and child.

Eyetronix Flicker Glass™ uses advanced liquid crystal technology to deliver precisely rapid alternating occlusion, at flicker frequencies shown in research to help break suppression. Instead of occluding to penalize one eye via a patch or drops and forcing the signal from the other eye, using flicker can gently stimulate the visual system and encourage both eyes to naturally work together, ultimately aiding in the restoration of binocular vision and depth perception.

The Eyetronix Flicker Glass™ are available in either Red or Blue and come in a protective case.

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