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g-Labs iPad Stereoscope


g-Labs Stereoscope for iPad

The G-Labs Stereoscope for iPad is an accessory for your mobile device that lets you see 3D images and video on your iPad screen! Using this specially designed viewer, side-by-side 3D content immerses you in a realistic 3D experience. The stereoscope for iPad has both recreational and therapeutic applications.

With a variety of compatible 3D apps on the App Store, 3D videos on YouTube, or by making your own stereoscopic images, you can enjoy an extensive array of exciting 3D content. For professional use, G-Labs also brings you Opto, the vision training app. Opto consists of a library of vision training exercises which, when used under the direction of a doctor or vision therapist, can improve a variety of binocular vision concerns.

Opto includes not only stereoscopic content but also red/cyan anaglyph and free space fusion activities. Download Opto from the App Store for free. Within Opto, free exercises are immediately available. Others are available for purchase individually or in value-adding bundles.

g-Labs kit contains:

  • Mount for iPad Tablet
  • Adjustable Viewing Lenses
  • Red/Green Glasses
  • 2 Tablet Pointing Pens

Testing apps can found at the Apple Store.

View the g-Labs Stereoscope being used with a series of YouTube online videos.

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