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VTS Vision Testing Software


VTS Vision Testing Software

The Good-Lite Company brings our extensive 80 years of vision testing experience to the VTS Testing System, a seamless transition from projector charts to state-of-the-art computerized vision testing system!

VTS Testing System Features

Multiple Optotypes in One System.

Now easily test all your patients children as well as adults. The VTS system contains LEA Symbols, LEA Numbers, HOTV, Sloan Letters and more. Display characters in a variety of formats including LogMAR, vertical/horizontal single lines, crowded or uncrowded single optotype and low contrast fonts. Simply change the optotype or display format with the press of a button on the included remote control.

Secondary Calibration Distance

Seamlessly switch between 2 calibration distances on your VTS System to accommodate a clinical trial requirement, low vision patient or a person in a wheel chair.

LEA Symbols Pediatric Testing

Unlike, “look alikes”, the LEA symbols have been validated, calibrated and clinically proven to be the standard in the industry. They are approved by the AOA, AAP and AAPOS.

Optotype Indicator

The advanced optotype indicator allows the clinician to easily direct both children and adults as to which optotypes to identify.

VTS Includes:

Sloan Letters
LEA Symbols
LEA Numbers
Landolt "C"
Tumbling "E"

Low Contrast Testing
Crowding/Interaction Bars
Worth Four Dot
Phoria Fixation Disparity
Three Lines Same Size
Single Vertical Line

Performance Attributes:

Optotype Indicator
Unlimited User-Defined Protocols
Cycling Optotype/Multi-Lines/Letters
Complete Randomization
Streamlined Video Select & Display
Secondary Calibration Distance
Quick Copy Video Control
ETDRS Selectable
Fixation Targets/Stimulus

Try the VTS for 30 Days!

Download a 30 day trial of Good-Lite VTS Software

Computer Requirements
AMD ATHLON™ or Intel Pentium
2GB RAM or higher
80 GB Hard-disk or greater
CD-ROM drive or DVD

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