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Cardiff Pediatric Acuity Test


Cardiff Pediatric Acuity Test

The Cardiff Pediatric Acuity Test was designed specifically for acuity measurement in children ages 6 months to 3 years. The test may also be helpful in other age groups for people with intellectual impairment, dementia, head injury, or stroke.

A recent study in Optometry and Vision Science comparing the Cardiff Acuity Testing and Teller Acuity Cards II in school-age children with visual, auditory, motor and cognitive impairment showed that both give similar estimates of acuity, test-retest reliability and testing time. The Cardiff Acuity Test is half the cost of a full set of Teller Acuity Cards II while containing more cards to test acuity with.

The Cardiff card set in composed of 36 cards providing 24 acuity levels that can be used at either 1 meter or 1/2 meter testing distance with acuity ranging from 20/160 to 20/12.5 equivalent (6/48 to 6/3.75); Butterfly Occluder Glasses are also inlcuded.

The Low Vision Cardiff upgrade includes 3 cards each of level A (Fish), LVB (Sock), LVA (Apple) plus two dividers).

669800 - The Screener Set comes with fun frame occluders, plastic dividers, and 24 cards with 8 acuity levels.

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