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Standard Office Vision Therapy Kit


Standard Office Vision Therapy Kit

This Vision Therapy kit is perfect for those who wish to expand their practice, or for those currently practicing. You get a wide selection of tools to help you with all the variations of vision therapy, such as vergence, vectograph, red/green suppression, hand-eye coordination, near-far rocking, saccades, and vertical fusion exercises, to name a few. Order three or more kits for even more savings.

Kit Includes

  • Random Dot "E" Depth Perception Test
  • Aquarium Vectograph
  • Marsden Ball
  • Hendrickson Lifesaver Clear
  • Convergence 3 Dot Card
  • Magic Loops
  • HECOstix (Red, White & Blue)
  • Flipper, Confirmation +/-2.00 Diopter, glass lenses, branded green handle
  • LEA SYMBOLS® Fixation Cube with Pictures, Red Handle
  • Vertical Prism Bar
  • Worth 4-Dot Attachment for Muscle Light
  • Large Vectograph Viewer (Single)
  • Brock String, 6ft (2m) 5 Beads, Single
  • Yoked Prism 48mm Frame with Wide Elastic, Compass, NO Nose Piece
  • Five Pair Flat Prism 48mm set. Includes the following diopters: .5, 2, 4, 6 and 8
  • Wolff Wand Basic Set
  • Bi-Nasal Frosted Occluder and Ruler
  • Monocular Fixation in Binocular Field (MFBF) Matching Game
  • Facility Test Set(6 Cards,Vergence Prism, Flipper, Red/Green Sheet and Glasses)
  • Z-Axis Rock Distance Chart
  • Z-Axis Rock Clear Near Card
  • Color Rock Game Set
  • Vertical Fusion Target Set
  • Fixation Cube with Pictures and Green Handle
  • Fixation Cube with HOTV Letters and Black Handle
  • Good-Lite Reversible Red/Green Anaglyph Goggles with Elastic

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