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Standard Office Refurbish Kit


Standard Office Refurbish Kit

This kit provides an easy and affordable way to upgrade your current office lanes, or build an entirely new lane from scratch. You get quality made products at a huge discount. Order three or more kits for even more savings.

Kit Includes:

  • Stereo Butterfly Test
  • The Eye Poster
  • LEA SYMBOLS® Fixation Cube with Pictures, Red Handle
  • Good-Lite Phoropter Roto Chart
  • Adult Adjustable Trial Frame
  • Cataract Eye Model
  • GL Retinoscopy Paddles with Axis Compass
  • LEA NUMBERS® Low Vision Book Set (Top Binding)
  • Phoropter Clip
  • Full Trial Lens Set for Ophthalmology
  • Sloan Letter Proportionally Spaced Distance Chart for 10 feet (3 meters)
  • Lorgnette Spectacle Occluder
  • LED Penlight
  • Sloan Letter Near Vision Card
  • HRR 4th Edition, Standard Laminated
  • Fixation Cube with Pictures and Green Handle
  • Fixation Cube with HOTV Letters and Black Handle
  • ESV1200 Illuminated Cabinet

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