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The Chart2020 PRO has all the LITE version features with some additional tests.

Standardized Contrast Sensitivity

Test your patient’s contrast sensitivity accurately achieving standardized outcomes due to built-in screen luminance calibrator. Automated test strategies, simplify administration. Test under different lighting conditions with real time luminance meter, and compare differences on graphical reports.

  • Luminance calibration ensures standardized outcomes
  • Letters for quick testing (normal and low vision)
  • Spatial-frequency (sine-wave gratings) for extended testing
  • Auto-guided test strategies
  • Quick start method to save time
  • Patient history saved
  • PDF reports with age based graphical overlay
  • iPad and dual monitor show “answers” in spatial frequency mode

(e)ETDRS Auto-Guided VA Test

Simplify refractions with auto-guided visual acuity testing strategies, smart reporting and comparative results from previous visits.

  • Auto-uided
  • Quick staircase mode
  • Extensive (e)ETDRS ISO protocol
  • High or Low Contrast
  • Suitable for pre-test or self service vision booths
  • Uniquely designed plotted graph on PDF
  • Quick VA screening phase
  • Comprehensive threshold determination
  • Immediate alternate test distance
  • School screener with instant reporting database for trends over time

Stereo Acuity

A distance or near stereo acuity test for polarized or normal monitors. Smart reporting show secs of arc in a graphic image for each test type.

  • Patient wears polarized or color tinted anaglyphs
  • Patient identifies which object is closest
  • 3 tests – geometric shapes, 3 poles, random stereo dots
  • Targets displayed at different secs of arc
  • Unique testing due to randomization of targets
  • Immediate alternate test distance option
  • Doctor answer view – test your patient not the doctor

Smart Reporting

Self scoring graphical PDF reports, saved to patient history database, driven by auto-guided test strategies.

**Chart2020 remotes / accessories / sold separately.

***New – Stereo Acuity Wizard can now be used on Polarized monitors or Normal Monitors (using color separation and revolutionary customized anaglyph to monitor calibrator)

**** Luminance Calibration Hardware Purchased Separately – Requirement to calibrate monitors to ensure correct brightness is displayed for standardized outcomes for contrast sensitivity and (e)ETDRS.

***** USB Room Luminance Hardware can save luminance data to your reports. Useful when testing contrast sensitivity under different lighting conditions.

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