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The Chart2020 LITE is a 3-in-one package with basic visual acuity, binocular, and astigmatism testing capabilities.

Basic Visual Acuity

Extensive library of logMAR, Snellen and equally spaced letters, with classic functions to isolate, overlay and randomize letters. Includes standard optotypes, and the revolutionary dynamic optotype Dyop®

  • Customizable logMAR And Snellen harts
  • Immediate alternate test distances
  • Intelligent randomization
  • Overlays, 6 isolation options
  • (E)ETDRS auto-guided test
  • Low Vision, Landolt C, Tumbling E, HOTV, Pediatric
  • Aviation BUMED 10 X 10 Grid
  • Notations for Feet, Meters, Decimal And LogMAR


Standard binocular testing, with anaglyph calibrator. You can even give your remote to your patient to control the horizontal and vertical coincidence.

  • Monitor to anaglyph calibrator
  • Vertical coincidence (multiple)
  • Horizontal coincidence (multiple)
  • Fixation disparity (multiple)
  • Worth 4 Dot
  • 3 Dot
  • Duochrome Balance


Evaluate the extent of your patient’s astigmatism using dynamic and moving astigmatism targets.

  • Fan with rotating selector
  • Rotating block – variable angle
  • Adjustable concentric circle thickness
  • Adjustable showerhead dot sizes
  • Synchronous fan to block axis refinement
  • Cross cylinder

All tests strategies are easily and intuitively controlled from our 45 button IR Remote Controller, your iPad®, any mobile or tablet for Android or iOS devices, a mouse, a keyboard, or even an AppleTV remote.

**Chart2020 remotes / accessories / sold separately.

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