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Lea Symbols/E Chart Set



Pediatric distance visual acuity eye chart featuring LEA SYMBOLS® for screening or testing individuals starting at age 3 years. This eye chart has two sides. The front side of eye chart features pediatric symbols in proportionally spaced lines (ETDRS format) for monocular (testing one eye with the other eye occluded) and binocular (testing both eyes simultaneously) visual acuity testing or screening. The back side features proportionally spaced Tumbling E letters.

Proportionally spaced lines with LEA SYMBOLS® on one side; line sizes range from 20/200 to 20/8 (6/60 to 6/2.4) equivalent. The other side features proportionally spaced E lines from 20/200 to 20/10 (6/60 to 6/3). This product has a hole for hanging the chart on the wall. Includes response key and instructions. 17" x 21" (43 cm x 53.4 cm).

10 feet, 3 meters testing distance.

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