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Brock Strings 10 ft with Cord Lock Beads


Deluxe Cordlock Brock Strings 10 ft with 5 Beads

Beads that fail to stay in place are the bane of traditional Brock Strings. The cord stretches or the exercise requires a upwards sloped string and then the beads start moving. This product solves the problem by using spring-loaded beads that are guaranteed to stay in place!

During therapy, the end with the blue stick is held near the tip of the nose while the other end with the loop is hung to a fixed point like a door knob. Our new handle looks sharp and helps the user focus on the task, not holding the string. Just like the traditional Brock Strings, Cord Lock versions are used for treatment of convergence insufficiency and other anomalies of binocular vision as well as to disrupt suppression. Each pack comes with instructions for each Brock String.

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