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Occupational Color Vision


Occupational Color Vision

This is an updated manual by Dr Bernard Blais, MD on the field of color vision from the occupational medicine and environmental medicine point of view. The book reviews the color vision tests being used today, how the examination is performed and its diagnostic significance. Sections contain important information for less specialized personnel. Includes many good reference sources for the ophthalmologist, optometrist and visual researchist and for primary care physicians and nurses who usually did not receive any depth of training in this area.

Serves as a working manual for the Occupational M.D. and other professionals involved in Occupational Medicine. 84 Pages with over 24 color photos and illustrations. Topics include: Incidence of Color Defectives, Indications for Color Vision Testing, Causes of Color Deficiency, Essential Components of Color Vision Testing, Equipment Performance, Trichromatic Theory, The Fundamental Response Curves, Color Deficiency, Attributes of Color, Color Appearance, CIE Color Space, Types of Tests, Examination Procedure and Design, Tests in Current Use, Pseudoisochromatic Plates (PIP), Arrangement Tests, Computer Controlled Displays, Genetic Testing, Vocational Tests, and Clinical Test Batteries.

See’ ‘Product Instructions and Support Material’ tag to download Technical Bulletin or Color Vision Tutorial(with quote from Dr. Blais).

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